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Meet Sonia

Licensed Medical Esthetician (VA)
Lash Extension Certified
Spanish & English

My Skincare journey started when i decided not to wear make up. I've been a dental surgical assistant for over 9 years and my face was always covered with a mask, therefore make up was not needed. All i needed was to maintain my skin as naturally glowing as possible. Just like many of you i  have tried many products, from over the counter to medical grade. There were some that worked wonders and some that didn't. With research and knowledge in Health & wellness the holistic side of skincare and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)  techniques captured my attention and became obssessed. For me, skin care is all about determination, dedication and patience. Taking self discipline in skincare to the next level. My passion for skincare is never ending.




Why Pura Piel?

The new way of self care 

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A Simple, clean and personal "Home Based" Studio. Located in Arlington, VA. 


Experience the power of nature, by nourishing your skin with natural treatments, using organic plant based products. Lets maintain the beauty of your natural bare skin. 


What products will be used for my facial?


- Clean beauty products are used on every facial. Organic plant based skin care formulations designed to nourish your skin with vitamins, mineral and superfoods to give you that glow you've been seeking. 


Lets get started!

Contact Info


571 - 353 - 9082

Arlington, VA   will be given 24 hrs before appt. 

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