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Facial Dry Brushing.

Its mainly out with the old & in with the new. But the new thing now, was old! its been around for centuries.

Our skin has been experiencing trauma lately. If you are experiencing small bumpy pores, we need more exfoliation. If you want a manual method & not a product then try this out! It adds a couple extra minutes into your #selfcaresunday BUT! its worth it.

Get your Facial Dry Brush today! a must add facial tool that will not disappoint.

This facial dry brush is made of bronze bristles that contain copper and zinc. The perfect duo that gives your skin the right touch of exfoliation, with a soft and smooth ending.

How i use it.

When i find my skin like the picture above (the real me). I cleanse my skin with a gel cleanser, gently dry my face fully and start brushing my bumpy pores in circular motion. I hold my skin taut and rotate my brush on the area 3-5 times and move on all over my face, specially on the areas where i find my skin being suffocated.

Dry brushing replaces exfoliation, therefore i like to cleanse the dry skin that was brushed off with an oil cleanser (if you have a creamy, lotion based cleanser that works too!). Lastly after massaging the second cleanser all over, you HAVE to moisturize. If you end up doing this in the morning then SPF is a must! to reduce pigmentation.

My next post will be about Peels, why i have decided to add it into my treatments and how are they organic? Stay in touch.

Any suggestions on other skincare topics!

let me know.


Pura Piel

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