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Caring for your skin.

Healthy skin comes from healthy skin care practices. These practices include at home care, along with professional skin care visits. That also includes lifestyle habits, here are some healthy skin care tips to keep in mind.

As an esthetician that focuses in skin care as a WHOLE system, we have to look further in than just our facial skin. Caring for your skin is not just about having the right products but also having healthy lifestyle habits.

- For Compromised Skin Barrier/Reactive Skin

  • Use products that are FREE of alcohols, fragrances and colors. They can cause irritation on an already compromised skin.

  • Exposure to extreme temperatures/dry climates can aggravate the skin causing the skin to be more sensitive, feel dry and irritated. Same goes to Air conditioning.

  • Avoid abrasive exfoliants (if not all) we need to keep our skins natural barrier intact.

  • Avoid any type of spicy and hot foods. They can cause more irritation and flushing/redness.

  • Avoid alcoholic drinks and caffeinated drinks. Consuming these can lead your skin to a flushed and inflamed stage.

  • Try your best to stay away from the sun, always carry your SPF, hat and sunglasses.

My go to products:

- For Dry Skin

  • Use the appropriate cleanser and toner. We dont want to over strip our skins natural oils.

  • Avoid drying masks, such as clays. We are trying to save all the natural oils our skin is giving us, not sucking it out.

  • Avoid harsh abrasive exfoliants

  • Avoid all skin care products that contain Alpha Hydroxy acids, (lactic, glycolic, salicylic) they are way too drying.

  • Essential fatty acids will be your bestie. Use moisturizes that are high in essential fatty acids to support your skins lipids.

  • Minimal sun exposure. Always carry your SPF, hat and sunglasses.

My go to products:

Toners: Botnias toner

Moisturizes: Daily Face Cream

- For Oily Skin

  • Use the appropriate cleanser and toner for oily skin to avoid over drying the skin.

  • If you are experience acneic flares, avoid fragrance skin products. It can cause irritation and aggravate the flares more.

  • When using a mask for oil productions, stick it to oily areas. Oil production is not distributed everywhere evenly.

  • Avoid any harsh abrasive exfoliants.

  • Avoid drying products, that includes alpha hydroxy acids.

  • Try your best to stay away from the sun, always carry your SPF, hat and sunglasses.

My go to products:

Toners: Juniper Hydrosol, Botnias toner

Moisturizes: Daily Face cream

There you have it,

A cheat sheet that gives you some essential guidelines when caring for your skin. I cant repeat this enough, 80% of your skin results is done at home, specially when seeing a skin care professional. 20% if by getting professional facial treatments every 4-6 weeks. At Pura Piel we have a treatment for everyone and every skin type. I choose your next treatment depending on your skin type and condition AFTER EVERY VISIT, of course things can change but at least you have nothing to worry about what treatment to book next when you are a guest of mine.

Buy your skin care products with time! Dont run out. Specially with this cold weather when your skin needs a lot of love, hydration, moisturize & nutrition. Click Here to Shop.

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