What Services do you offer?

 I offer standard skin care maintenance, dermaplane and peel treatments. All facial treatments include Steam, Extractions, High frequency, LED, honey tapping and hand facial massage.

Other services are Classic and Hybrid Lash Extensions, Lash Lifts and Brow Lamination services. You can find information on all the services offered under “Treatments''. Packages are also available.


What Products do you carry?

I carry plant based products that are locally crafted, organic and toxic free. 


Where is the Studio Located?

Its a personal "HOME BASE" Studio located in Arlington, VA by Penrose Square. Exact address will be given 24hrs from your appointment. Free parking available. 

Do I need a Consultation? 

It’s highly suggested. A consultation allows me to get to know you & your skin, so your treatment can be customized to you. This time can be used to design a new skincare routine, to establish the root cause of your acne, or any number of things. Things like your medical history, lifestyle habits & current skincare routine will be discussed to understand your holistic self. (feel welcome to bring a list, photo or the actual products that you are currently using). 

*For new clients on any treatment/service i reserve an extra 10-15 mins with the appointment. 

Who can get facials?

Skincare is for EVERYONE! Males, Females and our teens. 

Males: If you shave please shave 2-3 days before or 2 days after seeing me

What do I do the night before a facial?

Do as you will normally do your skincare. Skip anything particularly invasive the day of and night before. Such as; exfoliation, masking, &/ or anything that may cause open sores such as popping/picking. 

If you use retinoids or other topical prescription products please discontinue at least a week before your appointment. 

What do I wear on the day of my facial? 

Wear whatever is comfortable to you! Please try to remove all jewelry prior to your appointment. 

How often do I need a facial?

It all depends on your skin goals. If you want to improve your skin a consultation is highly suggested to plan what you need to get to your goal. 

Normally, is suggested to do a facial by a professional once a month. Most of the improvement is done at home with your skincare routine. 


Can I receive a facial if …..

I have acne?

YES! I would love to help you get happy, healthy clear skin.

I have make up on?

Yes. Make up on the skin will be removed in the double cleansing process if you arrive with make up on. This being said, time removing make up could be spent treating the skin. Eye make up will likely not be fully removed & will need removal following your treatment.


I am pregnant?

Yes, as long as you are comfortable & are not high risk. Since every facial is customized, ingredients that are contraindicated for pregnancy can simply be avoided.

I have an allergy to something you use?

Yes! Every facial is customized to you, so ingredients that you are allergic to or would not like to use, can simply be avoided.


What if my question wasn’t answered?

Please do not hesitate to contact me. 



Appointments that need to be rescheduled within 24 hours notice.

All service costs must be paid in full at the time of service. 

I accept all credit cards ($5 processing fee will be added), Cash, Venmo and CashApp.

If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, you will be asked to reschedule. 

 If we are unable to reschedule for a time within 24 hrs of the original appointment, cancellation policy applies. 

If you do not notify me that you are running late, you will be considered a No show.

No Shows defined as: no call, text, email, instagram DM or any type of notification what so ever, that you are unable to make it to your appointment.

Individuals who No Show appointments will be denied appointments in the future.