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Image by Marina Reich
Image by Marina Reich

Treatments & Services.

Every skin treatment at Pura Piel are curated and unique to YOU and your skin. Every single visit, your skin will get what it really needs. What it has been wanting all along. 

There is really a treatment for everyone. All products used in Pura Piel goes with our believe of #cleanskincare, #proaging, #naturalglowingksin I stick into being minimal, adding when needed, more hands, less machines (read more about our  modalities )& learning how to care for your skin and your WHOLE self. 


Pregnancy safe treatments

any facial maintenance WITHOUT LED,

or High Frequency modality. 

Treatment table inclines when needed.



Before a facial:

Stop all Retinols, vitamin A, acidic products 3-4 days before your visit.



if you shave, shave 2-3 days before or after your visit. If any botox or fillers, wait 4 weeks until a facial treatment. Do not go to the gym after a treatment, do not wear make up on the same day & HYDRATE.




During this 45-60 minute consultation, we will go over your intake form, a Q&A ( your skin journey, medical history, lifestyle, overall wellness ect...), all your skin concerns and goals. We will create a treatment plan, a customized, skincare regimen & suggested lifestyle habits to achieve healthy skin.

Pricing: Free  ( Limited time )

Pro-Age Buccal Facial Treatment

This is a unique facial massage treatment that targets your skins needs and complete tissue and facial muscle rejuvenation. Double cleanse, light enzyme exfoliation, NO extractions, Deep Pro-Age facial massage & ending with finishing products.


Its benefits:









  • TMJ TENSION RELEASE (Intra/Oral Buccal massage)

Breath work and lymphatic drainage is incorporated into this unique experience.

Please make sure you hydrate more than usual. 


Current Client Rate                                                             Pricing:  90mins $290.00

Qi Beauty

The luxurious Qi Energizing Treatment is a holistic integration of ancient meridian therapy and magnetic stimulation created to revive, energise and rejuvenate skin. Activating your bodies own Qi energy stimulates skin into cellular homeostasis = all cells working in harmony. The best monthly facial treatment that with every visit your skin will get 10 times better. 

  • increase skin hydration

  • create extra volume and lift

  • soften lines

  • reduce redness and inflammation

  • strengthen and restore the skin barrier

  • revitalise tired skin

  • restore damaged skin

  • brighten an uneven complexion and even out skin tone

  • support sensitive skin.

With a visible change immediately after your facial, you can see and feel it working instantly and the benefits continue long after your treatment. Treatments on neck and upper chest areas are also available. 

Current Client Rate                                               Pricing: From $195.00 - $265.00

Maintenance Treatments

This Treatment will be based on the needs of your unique skin. Your basic but not so basic facial care. NO NEED TO ADD ON. Check out our Modalities that may be used during the chosen session timing.

  • Extractions

  • Ultrasonic wand

  • High frequency 

  • Cryo Wands

  • Facial Reflexology

  • Gua Sha 

  • Facial Cupping 

  • Facial Massage 

  • Scalp massage 

  • LED Therapy (LED therapy is about 25-30 mins. *Read benefits


Your skin will get what it needs, when needed. Every visit is intentional upon your skin time on the day of your visit. Making every session a unique experience. To enhance your results, book a longer session or any other facial treatment service.


" Same day consult & treatment"

90min $200.00

Current Client Rate                                              Pricing w/OUT LED therapy: 

60mins $115.00 | 80mins $150.00 | 90mins $195.00

Current Client Rate                                                          Pricing w/ LED therapy:

60mins $130.00 | 80mins $165.00 | 90mins $210.00

Advanced Treatments

When appropriate, we offer non invasive treatments such as

Level 1 Peel - superficial, in-treatment room peel

Level 2 Peel - mild peeling post 3-4 days, if any.

Nano-Needling - Microscopic non invasive serum infusion

Microneedling - coming soon! 

These treatments will be suggested alone or combined. With our advance treatments your skin also gets what it needs,

Can help with, 

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Even skin tone 

  • Hydration

  • Fine lines/wrinkles

  • Minimal to mild acne scarring

  • & more

Upon completing the consultation session we will be discussing possible treatments that will be booked along your journey. NO ADD ONs NEEDED. Check out our Modalities that may be used during your session.


Current Client Rate.          Pricing varies upon service: $200.00 - $450.00

Body Skin Care Treatments

This appointment will be based on the needs of your unique skin. It includes a deep cleanse & enzyme exfoliation.

Advanced Treatments are also available when appropriate to target pigmentation, acne scarring and much more. 

Current Client Rate.          Pricing varies upon service: $115.00 - $200.00

Lashes & Brows

Keeping you make up free as much as possible. These treatments are made to enhance your natural lashes and brows. After a lash lift and brow lamination ditch the lash curler and reduce filling in your brows. Tweezing is included in this service. 


New Current /Client Rate                                              Pricing for each: $100.00

Image by Elena Joland

Ready for healthy skin?

Begin your journey here, book a consult.

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